Dying Light The Following GTX 1080 OC | 1080p & 1440p Maxed Out | FRAME-RATE TEST

Filename: dyinglightthefollowingenhancededitionsteamk.zip

FileSize: 26 MB

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  1. This game really is optimised well. On my old laptop with an 860m I could run this at medium and some high settings and get 60-70 frames. Really is one of the best optimised games out there.

  2. artis you seem to be very rich how much is your monthly income & where r u from?

  3. gr8. how do you get a 1440p video to look so crap and at 1080p on yt>???!? ul a 1440p 😀 using h264 at 20 30 settings plz in future. check some guids you do some good video!!!

  4. This game is optimized really well! I'm running this game at max settings 1080p with Dual Xeon E5530 @ 2.40Ghz. No framerate drops. My CPU is below the minimum requirements and it still runs at 80-120fps on Max settings. Great game

  5. good performance, have you oc your 6700k? without oc what temps you have with your cooler hyper 103? i want to buy a 6700k but i dont oc, I have here an cooler master 212evo, will be enought to cooling a stock 6700k? thanks

  6. ARTIS, make a video of gtx970 vs gtx1080 testing a los of games and I want you tu introduce Rust in that versus, pls

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