Dying Light The Following | Gun Psycho Bundle DLC Trailer

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  1. it's nothing like I wanted i though I can customize any gun but at least it comes with a blueprint with a awesome scope

  2. wtf i have dying light the following enhanced edition but is this dlc included? i cant access it? please help

  3. I just downloaded this dlc and installed it but I didn't get it? No outfit no paint job, no gun wtf? Do you have to reach a certain point in the following before you can access it?

  4. "Gun psycho" Shows only 1 gun. I will not be buying this. I even have the season pass. refund on the season pass. the following is shit too. I only like the shotguns with it. Buggies are glitchy and lag every time I step into them. And the map has close to no cover/buildings to Be the Zombie the zombie clearly has the edge w/ spits.

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