Dying Light: The Following Official Launch Trailer

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  1. 10:08 AM 7/17/2016  I forgot who makes the game but I hope they keep adding onto the game releasing more DLC and able to go back and forth between the main map and countryside.  Just add on more of the map for a DLC.  Im still in the desert.  These others I know all met up with each other?  DLC where Kyle meets up with other Agents?

  2. 10:02 AM 7/17/2016  Whats up?  😉  Yeah Im still alive.  Its what?  Almost a year later and everyone just now picked up on this?  Yeah most of it is me in EVERYTHING in the game.  Its pretty obvious too if you see it or knew how to look at it.  No one can see it except me since its what I did not you.  AND NO IM NOT A PARK RANGER.  If anything the "FACELESS" picked me.

  3. What did you do to the rest of the game Techland? You corrupted all my saves forcing me to start over and the game is now physically darker … the same laggy problems remain and perhaps a little worse. Zombies you nearly beat a new weapon and its repairs to death before killing it … A great game run by Pollocks … Wow! What did you do? I know you read these things and if you don't like being called Pollocks… fix it and don't act like Pollocks … Greatness that fall short … and no one other than me watching this video… THAT ALONE SHOULD TELL YOU SOMETHING…

  4. So I did 3 rather short missions and it says 50% Story. Wtf are they for real? Other than that the new additions and the map are awesome.

  5. 3 saved games… one in progress … DESTROYED AND CORRUPTED BY THE DOWNLOAD… I had to delete them all to get the game to play without lagging like super ball in a bouncing box car … What a frigging mess this whole download has been and even after 13 hours it is hard if not possible to stay on line … Such great potential and such lousy servers…

  6. Is this a sequel, or just some insane dlc? Sorry I haven't really kept too much tabs on dying light

  7. After all this… the Techland POLLACKS can't even let me link with my friends.. WHAT KIND OF STUPID PEOPLE ARE RUNNING THIS GAME… this has been a problem off and on since its release… come one Techland I KNOW YOU READ THESE POSTS get it together!

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