Everything You Need To Know About Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition (Part 1)

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  1. Hmmm?
    I like the improvements overall from the last dying light game and the graphics is much better , the new weapons is very good to heave when you fighting against lot of enemy's but steel needed a lot of other heavy weapons like (machine gun, "SNIPER RIFLES",rocket launcher,harpoon for whales, more heavy traps, artillery support and more interesting usable weapons against the zombies ).
    About the zombies they need to add some more bigger boss zombies and monster animal zombies…….and more.

    By the way very good demonstration video.


  2. Hey Colossal, I have the enhanced edition but I don't have exactly everything. I do have some stuff though.

  3. Man I m confused, I know this is kinda old topic but I m new in this game, I bought Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition but when I go to steam store: season pass, Harran Ranger, Volatile Hunter and Gun Psycho are not included in my library and can anybody respond me why bcs in this video it clearly say it has all dlcs?

  4. Whit THE enhaced edition do we get to volatile Hunter crash test harran ranger and THE dlc whit THE sniper ??

  5. Dying light the following enhanced edition includes dying light ? i mean
    you can play dying light or only the following ? because i want to buy
    dying light the following enhanced edition but idk if it includes dying
    light or no because i want to play part 1 too

  6. I have just paid for the season pass from the ps4 sight not knowing this about the game, £9.99 down the toilet.

  7. I have this game I have had it for a while. It was sealed, no codes in it though, how do you access theses item

  8. just purchased this game , going to be playing it for th first time with everything included for 23.99

    Definitely feel like it's going to be worth the money

  9. So fucking stoaked for this, I should be getting the Enhanced edition sometime next week, I've been saving up some of my money on the side

  10. dont post ever again pls and no kids…their was 850 million on earth in 1750…u dont deserve to have kids

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