Hacker Goes Through Exit Gate | Dead By Daylight Mobile (DBD MOBILE)

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  1. maybe iss a bot? bc i tried connecting my controller aka ps4 controller to dbd mobile but i tried it on minecraft and the controller worked but not on dbd probably issssss a bot idk.

  2. He is not a hacker,you can connect your ps4 or Xbox controller to a ios divice so you can do those signals with the arrows

  3. Yes everyone is stupid. U can connect a wireless Xbox controller to it and use the emotes

  4. You can literally just use Bluetooth to connect your controller and use the arrows on the controller to do the emotes, I’ve even done the emotes

  5. Dbd stop hackers but anyone who will see emotes in dbd maybe it is a dualshock 4 controller but maybe a hacker

  6. I got a game with 1 survivor who can use emotes he pointed at me while he was at the gate but his still shit at trying to 360 me he only escaped because his 2 teammates sacrificed themselves for him

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