How To: Install & Play Windows Steam Games/Software on Mac 2018


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  1. For everyone asking: No this does not support applications requiring a 64 bit version of Windows. Please read the description before asking the same questions. Thanks again for watching!

  2. hey dolls, i found a SOLUTION to this "choose executable error" ! so when you open up your wineskin steam application, there will be an option that says set screen options, uncheck auto detect GPU for direct 3D option and continue forward with the video by installing the steam exe. :)) cheers!

  3. If the game I'm wanting to download is free, I'm not able buy it, so it won't end up on my Steam library, as i haven't been able to play it yet either. Is there any way to get the free game on my library?

  4. Wow I know this video is 2 years old, but it helped me tons! I bought cuphead on my Mac without knowing it only works with Windows and this is really the only good tutorial I found. Thanks so much!

  5. Doesnt work in 2017?? I choose the setup exec, and it says "No new executables found! Maybe the installer has failed…? If you tred to install other than C: drive (drive_c in the wrapper) then you will get this message too. All software must be installed in C: drive." ?

  6. thanks for the help but my only problem is that i always have to install the software every time i try to open it

  7. Hi! Please answer me! It worked all fine! BUT: If I open steam, I ALWAYS have to install the software… And IN steam, it needs sooo long to load. Please help me! But the vid was still very helpful! 🙂 Sorry for my English, I am from Germany 😉

  8. you need more rep, this is the only one that actually worked for me! All this "Wine Bottler" whatever that is was useless! You deserve way more subs! 🙂 🙂

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