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  1. Hacking is fun guys, yes. But is not when you throwing fucking 500 bags of diamonds or unlocking all achv and max lvl. You can have fun with hacks with friends, or offline if you can.

  2. Whatever you guys think is fun is fine with me go hack/cheat/mod so you get a lot of money and levels because you're too lazy to get it normally, but if anyone does this in public games with others let me just say: Don't, just because you find this shit fun doesn't mean others do they probably want to get good legit instead of getting it because of some downloaded shit, so don't do this in public games, you'll either get kicked or you'll ruin the fun for others

  3. I have pirate perfection , but i dont use it IN GAME i only used for masks and characters

  4. Man, you sure do suck at Payday. Can't wait for the community ban hits and you have to play with your friends that don't exist.

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