PS4 Dead by Daylight Speed Hacker? SWF


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reviewing gameplay against a speed hacking claudette named FroggerReturnsHD on DBD. He is rank 11, and his team seems to work around his swf team seem to work around his speed hacking ability. I am playing as Ghost Face, and commentating on the gameplay.

Usually I do live meme like videos of my gameplay and have more fun with them but this one really made me mad because it makes me question how many chases I have been in with cheating survivors. I will be sending this to the devs.


  1. Yooo I'm Soo glad I found your video this shit happened to me tonight. I was like wtf? My experience was I had them down so many times and all of a sudden the ALL them AFTER being hooked except the hacker of course🙄. I swung and I saw them went down and boom at the exit like as if I was having a stroke.

  2. I played many like this. The worse was a game where I hooked everyone like 6 times the second hook never closed over and over and they walked through walls. They all escaped. ON PS4 yeah makes me sick. #Respect love your content man.

  3. I had a glitch like this one time I don’t know what I did tho I didn’t have sprint burst and randomly I could start running like I had infinite sprint burst I did troll the killer with it but it looked like lag like how with lag you teleport it looked like that then when I started to repair a generator it stopped it looked like lag because it looked like I kept glitching forward but I was just running fast

  4. Hey boys and girls! Thanks for watching the video. Just a few notes to respond to some of the comments.

    *I want to apologize for criticizing the skills of the opponents when presenting this as another youtuber pointed out at 4:59 . It wasn't fair to group them all in the same boat since you don't know if they were together, and when there's someone or something not working correctly in a lobby it isn't really fair to judge the skill level of an opponent based on that match. I came off sounding a little Elitist and I really don't like that. My frustration got the best of me.

    *The main goal was to show the weird exploited behavior and I kinda got paranoid grouping them together as team participating in it.
    Also some people have pointed out that it could have been a glitch that happened on accident. I like the discussion going on, but in response to the possibility that it might not
    have been a hack I will put a question mark in the title to show make it a question to the viewer that clicks rather than a statement.

    Thanks again for watching and the cool DBD community interactions 🙂

  5. I don’t know if it’s the same, but I get stuck in crouching mode a lot on this game lately. Not sure why, it might be the same thing

  6. I got a speed glitch once happened right at the end of a match. Dunno what the combination was but i was hit

  7. Pretty sure she's not hacking. There's actually a sprint burst bug that causes no exhaustion. I had this issue myself facing a trapper

  8. A friend of mine encountered a speed hacker as killer too. It seemed their speed activates when they’re hit.

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