1. Check the files Webroot has put in it’s “watch/monitor” folder, then delete
    them and you’ll see a different result. Most YouTube testers don’t even
    know to do that, along with some of the AV labs.

  2. Steven was right. We don’t use any antivirus products on our office Macs as
    we do not feel it is necessary at this time. However, we always install
    avast! or Norton for our clients. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Great video thanks.. Webroot is a very light AV with mixed results.. In my
    testing it did very well, and when it doesn’t know what the exe is, it runs
    it with very limited rights to the system like Kaspersky does.. Still, they
    do need to improve upon their signatures! If they could get the detection
    up to around 90+ percent, I believe Webroot would possibly be in my top 3
    AV’s as it’s so light on the system. Avast Internet Security is still my
    choice, with Emsisoft AM second and Kaspersky third.

  4. So are we, but as the Webroot Representative mentioned they have “testing
    methodologies that better reflect the unique functionality and features of
    SecureAnywhere, as traditional testing strategies do not fully take into
    account the program’s main strengths in keeping our users protected.”
    Anyway, thanks for the comment!

  5. We’re glad you liked the video. As always, please like and share it if you
    found it helpful. Thanks for the comment!

  6. Thanks for letting us know about the new interface. We just had a look, and
    we have to agree, it looks much nicer than previous versions of the
    product. Thanks for the comment!

  7. you can just hit learn more and right click on download unsafe file when a
    file is blocked by smartscreen fillter

  8. no problem…hope to see trend micro soon,and thanks for the response.oh
    yeah,by the way you have came a long way since you first started your
    reviews. #MuchImproved

  9. Because we wanted to include a lot of details in our response, we will get
    back to you via a YouTube Private Message within a few hours. Thanks for
    the comment!

  10. Thanks for that! We’ve forgotten a lot of stuff after we switched over to
    Mac as a primary OS. We appreciate the help, and thanks for the comment!

  11. Frankly, I wouldn’t trust anything a Vendor has to say about his own
    product. OF COURSE, it performs well in Webroot’s OWN “testing

  12. According to pcmag, webroot scores are superior to top internet security
    suites in all areas except for the firewall. What do you think about that?
    And did the rep ever get back to you?

  13. You’re right. We haven’t tested any Trend Micro products yet. We’re glad
    you liked the video, and thanks for the comment!

  14. We’re all excited for avast! 2014, and we love the new interface, as well
    as the new protection modules. Thanks for the comment!

  15. Fair enough. I would love to hear specifics from Webroot about their
    “testing methodologies” and “the program’s main strengths” but they never
    got back to us, despite me giving them a direct email address. As always,
    thanks for the comment!

  16. I dont recommend Norton due to the fact that Norton let 3 trojans on our
    computers some years ago. And the PC from a friend of me i completely
    unusable due to malware. He runs Norton 360. I am personally using the
    Avast 2014 Beta right now. This new version will come out in about 2 months.

  17. Good review.In a lot of tests it does not do too well. I did try it out
    earlier this year thanks to some good reviews by PC MAG but I dropped it
    because of many poor test scores.It is not good enough to be a primary
    AV.It is light but so is Malwarebytes.Avast is also light and much better.

  18. Holy crap! Received an update today and the new UI is SO MUCH NICER. Looks
    much more clean and organized.

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